Ina Garten subconsciously discussing race.

What puts me off skydiving is maybe you’re jumping out the plane and unbeknownst to you, you’ve jumped out above a model village. You’re hurtling towards it but even as you get close, it looks so far away and you open your parachute and *thowm* *splat* on the floor with a model statue piercing your lung.


New Zealand doesnt have states you fuckass



I was going through my emails and one of my online orders has been dispatched and when I ordered it I had to put in a state but New Zealand doesn’t have states and I was annoyed so I put “New Zealand doesnt have states you fuckass” and now in the dispatch email under delivery addess it totally has “New Zealand doesnt have states you fuckass” as part of it woops.

Yeah so


Yep okay

Sorry mail person